Seasonal license plates: What is it?

The beautiful weather is calling – and also announcing the seasonal license plates: free travel with a convertible, motorcycle and motor home!

If you have just bought a new vehicle that you would like to have seasonally (i.e. between two and eleven months), then you are at the right place with the King license plate.

We will provide you with high-quality seasonal number plates that comply with all official regulations. And the best thing about our service: You buy cheap car signs from us – at a real bargain price!

Forget the high-priced sign makers, who are usually next to the official registration authorities. It is much easier to order the seasonal license plates conveniently from home and then take them directly to the registration office.

You save money on the one hand and valuable time on the other. On our website, you can not only buy seasonal license plates online but also reserve your desired license plate – directly from the registration authority that is responsible for your city or district.

Annoying queues until the license plates are embossed was yesterday! Signs can be purchased quickly, easily and conveniently from King. Depending on the vehicle, we provide you with summer license plates for motorcycles as well as for cars, campers and more.

Buy seasonal license plates for the motorcycle

No matter for which vehicle you need a seasonal registration – you always have in hand how long the registration period should be.

This means that you can specify on-site in the registration authority how long your car or two-wheeler should be in season. A seasonal period between two and eleven months is possible. Many motorcycle riders opt for the rather warm months, for example from March to October, for the season approval.

You will then find a time-stamped on the summer license plate for motorcycles. Of course, we accept that then for you: You divide us, may the period in which drive your motorcycle and we take care of the rest of the.

Season admission recognizes you – not only the motorcycle but also in all other vehicle types – the license plate. On the far right, a number combination can be found on the license plate. Find more vehicle owner details using License Plate Lookup.

This peculiarity of the seasonal license plate consists of two numbers that are separated by a horizontal line. Above is the month in which the season permit begins, below is the month in which it ends.

A period from March 1 to October 31 at 11:59 p.m. would then be marked with the numbers 03 and 10 – after or before this date, the vehicle must not be moved or parked on public roads. You also have no valid insurance cover outside the period of the seasonal license plate.

Order summer license plates for the car

Many car owners also decide to only register their cars for certain months of the year. Oldtimers or sports cars are often only driven in the warmer season when there is no road salt left on the roads that could damage the paint.

In addition, the risk of accidents due to black ice and snow is significantly lower in summer or not at all. This is also a reason to choose summer license plates.

No matter why you want to drive your car with a seasonal registration – the route does not go around the registration office. There you have to submit some documents before you can get the stamp or sticker on your license plate.

Your car will only be approved if you have an electronic insurance confirmation, the registration certificate (vehicle registration or vehicle registration document) and valid proof of the main inspection of the vehicle. If you register the vehicle for someone else, you will also need a power of attorney and a copy of the ID card.

Here again at a glance: Allow season codes – you need these documents:

  • Electronic insurance confirmation
  • Vehicle registration or vehicle registration document (registration certificate part I or II)
  • identification card
  • Power of attorney from the keeper
  • Test report for the main inspection

This procedure is always the same for vehicle number plates – regardless of whether you choose summer number plates or normal year-round license plates. When admitting, also make sure that you have your identification papers with you.

You can take your ID card or your passport with you. Here you are completely free to decide – the driver’s license is not sufficient as an identification document.

Order seasonal labels in different sizes

You have decided on a season and you already know which number and letter sequence should be found on your car or motorcycle license plates? Then you can start with the ordering process: You enter the approval district and then your desired numbers and letters.

Note that there are different sign sizes. If you want to order seasonal vehicle license plates in a standard size, you do not have to do anything else.

As a rule, the standardized number of plate dimensions are already stored in the drop-down menu. You can also recognize them by the term “Standard”, which is located in the size selection window.

With us you play it safe: All our license plates meet the highest quality standards and are characterized by their excellent workmanship.

Of course, our signs also comply with the applicable legal standards, so all you have to do is attach the missing stamps and badges after receiving the vehicle registration number – the driving pleasure can begin! We also offer license plate holders so that the card numbers can also be attached to the car in a bombproof manner.

Please note that License Plate King provides several types of license plates for sale. Before using special sizes, clarify this with the responsible approval body.

Standard size:

The standardized size of the German number plate is 520 mm to 110 mm and is fixed throughout Europe.

On the license plate of a car, there are up to three letters on the far left that identify the location of the vehicle registration. For example, HH stands for the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and B for Berlin. To find out more, you can read here which abbreviations there are in the FRG.

The other two fields are freely selectable. Since the distinguishing number of the license plates is a clear combination, either the registration office issues a combination that is still free, or the vehicle owner reserves the desired number plate.

Special sizes:

Many vehicles from countries outside of Europe are not designed for the European standard size. Short distinctive numbers are popular for aesthetic reasons.

Know who own the license plate?

The vehicle registration office approves the use of special sizes in individual cases. It’s best to ask personally because there is no clear rule. The authority decides this for free reasons. You can find more information on dimensions and sizes in our blog.

Mark King offers the following additional sizes:

480 mm x 110 mm for a maximum of six characters)
460 mm x 110 mm for a maximum of six characters)
440 mm x 110 mm for a
maximum of five characters) 420 mm x 110 mm for a maximum of five characters)
400 mm x 110 mm for a maximum of four characters)

Desired indicator:

Here you determine yourself what comes after the abbreviation. The second section of the license plate consists of up to two letters and the third of up to four numbers.

Eight characters are the maximum number allowed. The desired number plate gives drivers the opportunity to express their individuality with the number plate of their vehicle. Many want their initials in the license plate or one that is easy to remember. Reserve your license plate at the registration office.

License plate King offers you the opportunity to do this online and buy your license plate in the same train. Find your registration office here, reserve your license plate and buy it directly from us.

Read more about how to reserve a license plate in our blog.

Two-line license plate:

Similar to special sizes, two-line license plates are permitted, provided that the registration office of your district office agrees. Inform yourself beforehand so that you do not experience a nasty surprise. Above all, these are popular with American vehicles and classic cars.