Get vehicle information by license plate

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Get vehicle information by license plate

In some cases, and depending on which Autonomous Community, certain traffic offences are published in the BOE, which means that, for example, when searching for vehicle registration, information about the type of vehicle or even its owner appears.

It is not the most frequent cause, but there are cases in which it happens. Although perhaps the most worrying thing is that any citizen can obtain our personal data just by knowing the vehicle’s registration number.

How to know the data of the owner of a vehicle knowing the license plate

“It will be public for interested parties and third parties who have a legitimate and direct interest, by means of simple informative notes or certifications”

This reinforces the Central Traffic Headquarters, keeping a record of all registered vehicles that can be consulted by anyone. The question we must ask ourselves then is when interest will be legitimate and direct.

There is no legal definition that specifies in which cases it is legitimate, so it will depend on the official who processes our petition. In this sense, we can use this information for the sale of vehicles when we want to ensure the veracity of the seller’s data and that we are not being scammed. In any case, we can only use the data obtained in this way for what we request.

know the data of the owner of a vehicle knowing the license plate

In the Vehicle Registry, it should be remembered that all kinds of information about vehicles are stored, such as:

  • Registration number and frame.
  • Date of first registration.
  • Information about the holders (current and past).
  • A number of transactions carried out.
  • Technical data of the vehicle (make, model, displacement, etc. What we find in the technical sheet).
  • Vehicle address.
  • Debt claims with the Treasury and Social Security.
  • If the vehicle has been financed.

The million-dollar question, Where and how can we do it? Is there a locate owner by license plate number?

DGT or Registry of Personal Property

It depends on the use we want to give to the information and the data we want to obtain. If, for example, I have had a mishap with another driver and what you want is to identify him, you have to request a Registration Report from the General Directorate of Traffic. But if what is intended is to cancel an embargo on a vehicle, a report must be requested from the Personal Property Registry.

Below is the information obtained with one and the other:

DGT Registration Report

This report is very complete and is useful for locating the owner of a carknowing its real agenumber of transfersITV … The data it offers us is the following:

  • Registration number and frame
  • Date of first registration in Spain
  • Current car owner, natural or legal person
  • Make, model, displacement, other technical data
  • Origin (national, import, …)
  • Type of service for which you are enrolled (private, SP, etc.)
  • Domiciliation of the vehicle
  • Number of transfers
  • History of Technical Inspections, tells us if it is in force or on the contrary it has expired
  • Incidents (registration changes …)
  • Vehicle taxes pending payment, if the municipalities have claimed the payment
  • Domain Reservations, if the vehicle was financed with a bank and has not been cancelled
  • Debt claims with the Treasury, Social Security, embargoes, etc.

Registration Report of the Registry of Personal Property

This report is more specific than the previous one as it does not provide details of the vehicle or its owner and focuses exclusively on the loads that are imposed or limited by the vehicle. The data that we can find in the report of the Registry of Personal Property are the following:

  • Instalment sales contracts, with or without prohibition to dispose of.
  • Existence of Domain Reservation in favour of third parties, normally a financial entity.
  • Leasing, renting, other types of leasing.
  • Mobile mortgages, yes, it is possible.
  • Annotations of executive embargoes, this is quite clear and it is vital to know it before any operation.
  • Annotations of liens as the previous one.
  • Ordinary sales contracts, if they have been registered.
  • Other contracts.

This is the information that we can obtain from a vehicle knowing its registration. Now it only remains to weigh which of the reports is closest to what we are looking for.

The problem begins when the information is used for little, or not at all, moral purposes … or to avoid them, as long as it is used responsibly.

In addition, these types of reports are of great help when buying a second-hand or second-hand car. Since there is no better check than what you can do yourself, since in case the seller is not being honest, we can have many problems that we would not be aware of.

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Once you know that the car does not have any type of embargo, charge or fine, you can finally proceed to purchase the vehicle. Otherwise, when requesting the report, the amount to pay to leave the car ready at 100% is clearly detailed, in addition to the payment methods and resolution of the problem.

In short, this tool can be very useful for most people who want to act honestly, since the traffic officer will be in charge of ruling himself if our intentions are clear and legal, or if they are not.

This opinion, part of a series of questions that the Traffic worker will ask the person in question, and it will depend on whether the report of the car will be obtained. Therefore, it is a very easy way to solve problems or avoid them, as long as it is used responsibly.

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