License Plate Lookup: Search License Plate Number and Get Owner & Vehicle Details Instantly

License Plate Lookup: Search License Plate Number and Get Owner & Vehicle Details Instantly!

Find Owner and Vehicle Details Instantly on by searching License Plate Number in our Database. We support more than 50 countries’ data, and share the Owner name, address, contact number, and more with any Question!

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How to Find Owner Details using License Plate Lookup?

  • Open the License Plate Lookup search engine, click the above button!
  • Select the country and Enter License Plate Number
  • Tap on “Search Details”
  • Wait until our Engine fetch the Data from Cloud
  • Complete the human verification, if not automatically completed
  • After successful human verification, the details get instantly share with you.
How to Find Owner and vehicle car Details using License Plate number


Know more about our free License Plate Lookup

If you’ve often asked yourself the question “Who owns the license plate?”, You’ve come to the right place: In this blog article, the license plate King tells you personally how to find the license plate owner.

First things first: For data protection reasons, this is only possible if it is particularly important. Start flirting attempts or find traffic offenders – you shouldn’t even try that with license plate research.

Hunt Vehicle License Plate Lookup by Clicking on its Number Online and Registering it in Your Own E-Mail Address. Get a Real Person’s Address and Contact Details. Get Alarms And Other Information Like Photos of Your Vehicles Or Used Cars. How to Look Vehicle License Plate Number For Free?

The name and address of the owner of a vehicle are considered private information. However, there are several services that allow you to find a car owner with his license plate number. This is extremely useful, especially if you have been involved in an accident or if the aggressor has fled.

Ways to Find License Plate Owner Details

The process of finding the information behind a license plate number online is very quick and easy.

To get started, you need to have a complete plate number. Then use these reverse search services and enter the license plate number in the search engine and click the Search button.

By using these sites, just by having the license plate number, you will be able to obtain this information:

  1. Name of the plate holder
  2. Owner’s address and phone number
  3. Owner’s criminal history reports
  4. Owner’s email address and social media accounts
  5. Vehicle VIN number
  6. Vehicle registration information

To search the automobile license plate number for free, you must first go to that will enable you to seek out a person’s address and telephone number. However, it is going to be free so you won’t have to pay for the service.

When you’re searching for someone’s address or contact number, you’re using public records. It is all found on the internet. If you do not find it, you’ll need to find it someplace else, or know where to look.

Another method to search the automobile license plate number at no cost would be to see the Federal Records and research by searching for the county where they live. You can find their public records if you search for the county and see if it comes up on your search.

If it does not, then you may have to look further. Use your state records internet site, and you can also start looking for records. There are many, many other areas to learn the info that you desire.

What’s interesting is that you may really get automobile license plate numbers and addresses by typing in a telephone number into a search engine such as Google. This advice is absolutely free to use, as well.

Search Vehicle License Plate Number For Free Using Public Records – Here’s How. To-Do it, you just must receive the owner’s information in the database.

Want to find out who owns a vehicle, bike, van, boat, RV, trailer, or automobile? You can look for the Vehicle License Plate Number For Free – That Could Save You a Good Deal Of Time!

Utilization of Owner & Vehicle Details

With the availability of details, you can find the lost vehicle owner. If he/she is a thief, you can report it to the cops. We don’t allow anybody to misuse our data.

If we catch anybody doing this, he/she will get charge and may go to prison. The best thing about this License Plate Number Searcher, that it is free and filled with more than 50 countries registered vehicle database.

How to Find Vehicle Owner Details using our free online License Plate Lookup

There are some steps that you need to follow when it comes to search for any car or bike owner details without any hassles. Make sure to follow all the steps without skipping it to find the license plate’s owner details.

  • First of all, you need to visit the to find owner details.
  • Once getting into it, it is essential for you to click Search License Plate in order to access our search engine.
  • Next, you need to choose the country and enter the License Plate Number.
  • After entered, tap on the “Search Now”. And until it retrieves owner information from our database.
  • Now, if our AI found some suspicious activity on your side, there will be a human verification.
  • After the verification is completed, the License Plate Owner’s Details will be shared with you.

These are the steps that you need to follow when planning to find the license plate owner’s contact details.

Who owns the license plate: Determine license plate holder Name, Address, Contact number, etc

The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) stipulate all sorts of rules that all road users must comply with. This is to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and a safe journey. But drivers don’t always follow the traffic rules.

Speed cameras and speed trap register to speed in the world every day. As a rule, the corresponding measuring system also takes the famous speed camera photo. But how can the fine agency actually determining the owner of the vehicle in order to be able to deliver the fine notice?

The following guide gets to the bottom of this question. Also, learn as well as for individuals outside an administrative fine is possible via license plate to identify a holder and when an owner identification by license plate should ever make.

Use the license plate lookup to determine the car owner

If a speed sinner was caught when the speed was exceeded, the fine office usually only has the measurement of the speed driven and the license plate number of the flashed vehicle.

This information alone does not allow this authority to send a hearing sheet to the vehicle owner. However, it is possible to determine the holder using a license plate. This is done by a simple data query with the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg.

The Office manages the Central Traffic Information System (ZEVIS). All vehicles registered with official registration number, address of the owner, vehicle type, vehicle manufacturer, type, chassis number or VIN, color, first registration, etc. are stored in this. This makes it easy for the vehicle owner to determine if the license plate is available.

Can private individuals also determine the owner using a license plate lookup?

However, not every traffic violation is registered by the traffic authorities. It can also happen that private individuals want to file a complaint. If they only have the license plate of the vehicle with which an offence was committed, the question inevitably arises how they should find the vehicle information.

So if there are valid reasons, private individuals can also determine the owner of a motor vehicle using a license plate. However, keep in mind that a fee will be charged. Determining the owner of a vehicle usually costs 5.10 euros.

Determine the car’s holder online using a license plate lookup

If you want to determine the vehicle owner as a private person, you can often do this conveniently online. The State Office for Citizens and Regulatory Affairs in Berlin, for example, offers such a service.

There you can determine the vehicle owner for a fee of 5.10 euros, provided you have the license plate and because of:

  • Claims for damages due to a traffic accident
  • Claims for reimbursement/compensation in connection with the implementation of a vehicle
  • Block a private exit
  • the unauthorized use of a private parking space
  • Blocking a parked vehicle
  • Claims for damages due to damage/soiling of clothing or other personal items caused by a vehicle
  • Refueling without to pay

Identify license plate holder: only permitted in an emergency

As already indicated, there must be really good reasons for you to know who a car or other motor vehicle has been registered for. Of course, the authorities have a simpler job than private individuals.

The car owner is automatically determined during traffic monitoring, in the event of an administrative offense – for example, incorrect parking – or in the case of speed camera photos.

If you have ever received a speed camera photo, then you have probably noticed that you can object to the fine. This is also indirectly related to who owns a vehicle.

The following noble situation serves as an example:

Young Tom was in a hurry – at 15 km / h he was flashed on the highway in the 80s zone. Incidentally, Tom was on the way with the fast vehicle of his lovely maid Sabine.

The two don’t have to wait long: the letter with the fine notice arrives after just one week. The addressee is Sabine, because after all it was her vehicle that Tom was traveling too fast with. Sabine could now appeal the fine.

Because: On the speed camera picture a man – Tom – can be seen who obviously does not agree with the vehicle owner – Sabine. Since they both know who was driving, they pay the parking ticket without complaining. In an emergency, an objection would be possible.

Not only the government agencies can find out who owns a motor vehicle – various other semi-official agencies or representatives can also query the owner. All of this is regulated in Section 39 of the Road Traffic Act (StVG). These include, for example, these instances or people:

  1. The injured and injured person and his lawyer
  2. Insurance (accident insurance, liability insurance, comprehensive insurance)
  3. Car park operator (e.g. if there was damage)
  4. Petrol station owners (for example, in the event of fuel fraud)
  5. The King license plate knows this: A keeper query can only be commissioned if there are valid reasons that do not have a civil law background but are related to road traffic.

Is it Possible to Find out any vehicle holder name using License Plate Number?

In the legal text, this is formulated as follows: The “stored vehicle data and holder data are to be transmitted by the registration authority or by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

If the recipient demonstrates that he/she is using the data for the assertion, security or enforcement or for Satisfaction or defense against legal claims in connection with participation in road traffic or to file a private lawsuit for road traffic violations (simple register information). ”

So if you want to find out who owns a particular vehicle, you have to meet several requirements:

  • Compelling reason: There must be a reason recognized by law, which is why you want to identify the car owner concerned (the pursuit of legal claims)
  • Address authority: In order to start the keeper query, you must submit your request in writing to the responsible registration office or the Federal Motor Transport Authority.
  • Don’t forget the costs: Of course, no government agency is free. For the information, you have to expect a fee of 5.10 $. You can find the exact breakdown of the costs incurred in the fee schedule for measures in road traffic (GebOSt ).
  • You can find out exactly who is responsible for the information by calling the responsible vehicle registration office in your city or your district. Also, note that some cities provide information online after reviewing an application – but that always depends on the respective approval district.

Car license plate: Find the owner and get contact information

So far, so good: you have a right to know who owns a particular pair of signs. You then applied for information and paid the fees. But what’s next and what information will you get?

This is also precisely regulated in the Road Traffic Act. Of course, you will not only learn any data about the owner of a vehicle but – if you have the right to do so – you will receive comprehensive information. You will be informed of these things after asking the owner :

  • Full name as well as order or artist name
  • address
  • Type, type and manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration number

A piece of information for insurance can grant only the Administration. Because: Such data are not stored in the central vehicle register of the Federal Motor Transport Authority and therefore cannot be transmitted.

Conclusion: The question “Who owns a license plate?” Can be answered in Germany by submitting an inquiry to an official body (police, Federal Motor Transport Authority, or registration office).

For reasons of data protection, however, such a holder query is only possible if the issue is related to traffic law issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also determine the vehicle owner free of charge?

With a corresponding search query, search engines will regularly show you extensive offers from supposedly reputable providers, via which the holder can be determined easily and, above all, free of charge using a license plate. On closer inspection, however, all of them simply turn out to be attractive offers.

Most of the providers want to market a modified product (such as the driver rating or flirt portals based solely on license plate data), while others sometimes end up with higher hidden costs.

The problem: Even private companies have to contact the responsible vehicle registration authorities in order to determine the respective holder by means of the license plate transmitted. You do not have appropriate directories yourself. This would violate applicable data protection laws. To a certain extent, the providers only interpose another service and only take the written application off the client.

Can we identify a vehicle owner without a license plate lookup?

Those affected do not always have the time to write down the license plate number of a traffic offender who is guilty of an administrative offense or even a crime such as driving away. Then the question arises whether it is also possible to carry out a holder determination without a license plate.

In principle, this is difficult for private individuals or it is almost impossible outside of ongoing fine proceedings. If you report the incident to the police, the police can initiate an investigation and, if necessary, determine the vehicle owner even though the license plate is not available.

When do authorities determine a vehicle owner?

The traffic authorities take action as soon as they discover an administrative offence or a traffic offence. Only the respective driver is always held responsible for this. However, the authority initially assumes that the driver and keeper are one and the same person.

How do the authorities go about determining the holder using License Plate Number?

The first clue is the vehicle’s license plate number. Police use license plate number lookup to extract the owner’s details. If this is not known, the police can also determine the owner based on the vehicle model, color, and car brand.

Can we aka individuals identify other vehicle owners?

This is possible if you need this information to enforce claims that have arisen as a result of traffic events, such as after an accident. You can use License Plate Lookup to search the owner’s contact information.

Wrapping up

So, people who all are struggling to find owner details of any car, truck, bike, or another vehicle using license plate number, then without finding any difficulties, get unlimited detailed reports from our License Plate Lookup.

Well, License Plate Lookup Application is the best solution for people to find lost or Stolen vehicle Owner Contact Details. In order to get it, you can follow the above-discussed steps without skipping it.